Tcs Ahmedabad


I finished my training at ahmedabad and got placed at Banglore….

let me tell u a lot of things abt ahmedabad ……….

when it comes to training center, its one of the best, just don’t feel sad u got ahmedabad….

when u return from ahmedabad u sure will disappointed, mentors there are cool..

head of tcs gujrat is Mr.Jayanta he is smart and friendly when u get chance to meet him he will give some chocolates

when it comes to the schedule of ilp….

  • its 23 days of  training (its no more a paid holiday)
  • there will be a pretest
  • which is used to divide u into batches (pretest will be on material tcs mails u with
  • u will have 5 evaluations
  • EC1, EC3 and EC5 are individual evaluations while EC2 and EC4 are team performances
  • on base of these evaluations and on ur life skills u will get ur levels

this is briefly how ur evaluations go on….

tcs ilp is in Tower 3

information tower 3

and tower 1 is where tcs office is, u will be given either a hdfc bank account or icici bank account

please take care of all ur documents if u dont have ur documents then u will get ut employee id late……….

need to know any more u can leave ur comments………

u will get ur salary from ur date of joining…..

u have to give many feedback for every course!!!!!!!!!! (its furstrating though)

for u can use this site (it is not protected by proxy) or it is (dont use when ur in a session u wil be a defaulter if caught)


U will get ur accomodation in studio apartments

its a single bed room flat .. 3 of u will be in one flat …





hra will be deducted from ur salary after u leave the flat

everyday flat will be cleaned and once a week bed sheets will be changed.. and there is water problem in infocity…

when it comes to food

it will be a little bit difficult to adjust for south Indians , there is andhra mess next to Dawaat (a restaurant in shopping mall 1) there is a dhaba called MATHARANI dhaba where thali system is followed for serving … when i was in infocity i used to go to sourastra a nice thali restaurant ……….

there are some other food zones like subway, orange food zone, hunger cure and treat ………………………

in info tower 1 u will have 24 hrs service for food…

there is a super market Subhiksha (but not useful) only one medical shop,  a cofee day, two banks Bank of India and IDBI

to know more about tcs ahmedabad plaease go through this link

and to know about tcs coimbatore please go through the link


this is blog of my friend ritish

and to know about the info city

the studio apartments….and other images can be seen here

the route from ahmedabad railway station 2 infocity

route from railwat station, ahmedabad to infocity

the place we are going to ilp is the info tower III in info city

235 comments on “Tcs Ahmedabad
  1. anil says:

    good yaa

  2. RUCHI says:

    hi ..

    i m joining tcs ahmedabad on 23rd sept.
    can u clear some of my doubts plz..thnx

    1)i have got my father’s signature (as surety) at 5 places in the agreement(4 at the bottom of 4 pages and 1 at designated place) is it correct or i need to get the signatures at some other place in the doc..
    2) do i need to get the date of birth proof of my mother?(for gratuity)
    3) and i hv yet not studied the links…are they imp?
    4) do i need to carry buks?
    5)do i need to revise c/c++,java and all…because m out of touch a little…

    plz help..thnx in advance…

  3. prabhakar says:

    hii…thnxs for da info..i hav notarised the service agreement…will ter be any prob if i do so??
    also…my father(surety) is a govt employee…in da suriety verification form given in da joining said tat it shd be signed by da superior official if suriety is a govt employee…is it necessary or any gazetted officer would be enough??

  4. chaitanya says:

    hi i got doj 23rd sept.. im going to leave my home town on 2mrw till now i didnt get any mail regarding accomidation.. wat to do?? plz help me and ur efforts r very good we r all very thankfull to u..

  5. Senthil says:

    I’m going to join ILP Ahemadabad on 7th october-2008,
    can you/anyone tell me when did this ILP centre in ahemadabad became operational, because I don’t see in any of the TCS websites the address of Ahmedabad ILP.

  6. shubra says:

    m joinin on 7th oct.. wil the climate be.. the trainin goin to be strict..? we hav to learn scheme prog lang beforehand? ther any atm ther? is the accomodation..hostel?
    plz let me know..thanku..

  7. veda says:

    thank u for the info that u’ve provided….

  8. Ritika says:

    can u send me sum useful id for gettin news about my joinin date… please reply at
    please do reply…

  9. aprajeeta says:

    hey hie…cn u tel me whether v are allowed 2 choose aour roomates??

  10. tamil says:

    plz provide the answers for all the question posted in comments ‘3’ and ‘7’ na…plz

  11. tamil says:

    plz provide the answers for all the question posted in comments ‘3′ and ‘7′ na…plz

    sorry last time i provided wrong mail id…

  12. Author says:

    u can chosse ur room mates..
    u can change ur roommates un ofiicially …….
    it will help u if u read the links..
    climate is humid..
    training will be hectic…
    there are atms
    accomadation is nice
    no need of c++ and java for phase 1 but sure for phase 2
    @3.1 its enough
    it will be better to take all the documents u need
    do u need any thing else

  13. murti says:

    Can someone send me copy of gratuity and pf forms that needs to be filled. I need it urgently.


  14. ankhi ghosh says:

    pls i jst want to know dat how should i prepare myself for the pre test?is the study of the MIT material which the tcs gave us will be enough?before i join my iilp days is this much preparation enough?

  15. Praveen says:

    can u please tell me the distance from airport to infocity…
    is that easy to learn scheme lang

  16. sireesha says:

    i m joinin on 4th dec.can u tell me do i need a Non Criminal Offence affidavit as i m a girl?

  17. sireesha says:

    what shall be the workin hrs?

  18. sireesha says:

    what r the facilities for usage of electricity in the hostel?can i use iron?wud there any geyser?or can i use my own water heater?

  19. Atif says:

    Hi buddy, my Doj is 28th nov 2008..I jus wanna know whether
    1)the TCS pretest is gonna be strictly considered??
    2).How will the batches be shuffled??Will it be strictly based on the pretest??
    3).Will proper materials be provided for those five evaluations??
    4).N can we have some free time also along with work?
    Yeah buddy this is it.. do reply ?? n yeah thanks a lot for this blog..and its amazing information!!!

  20. astonished says:

    is there anything like “Girls Never Commit Crime” written in the indian constitution.

  21. Jansi says:

    hw is the trainig for non-it students? is there any need to go through c/c++ or any other language? hw about internet facilities can we use it frequently?and if at all we need to fininsh works at office but no time wat is the option?

  22. Vijayalakshmi says:

    i got my doj on dec 22 ahemdabad. I wud like to kw abt the training is it easy or tough as i belong to non-it background i’m quite worried..plz help..

  23. shikha says:

    is training period is increased or decreased?if yes thn how many days?

  24. shikha says:

    is parents accomomdation provided for 2 – 3days?

  25. sumit says:

    hi, first of all thank u very much fr providing such a insight about tcs ahm i m having my joinin on 22 dec, i have few of the queries like ,do i need to revise c/c++ concept or java, oracle..?
    we will be allowed to choose ur roommates ?
    is ilp very much hectic ?
    is it tough?
    how long is our ilp?
    how much cash we will be getting on hand, my offered packg was 3.12 lakh???????

  26. supriya says:

    hi may i know how long will it take from railway station to reach infocity and also wat is the local language there?

  27. shreyansh says:

    i want to know wat NCRC is it necessary pls help. thanx in advance

  28. Anisha Dsperate for help says:

    I passed out of ISC board. My 12th % ageis 61…but thats when i take best four subjects out of five..for all 6 subjects it falls down to 59%…even when i joining the college i gave the same % age..Now i’ve cleared the TCS selection process…the HR said its not a problem as i gave the same %age at college as well..i’d like to know if before the final joining will they calculate the % again..and if they will is it ok to to take best of 4 subjects?

  29. Nithya says:

    Hi.. thanks for these infos.. Im a non IT student. Greatly worried about the pre tests. Will dey b so difficult???? Plz also send me d ans for questions 19.24 & 25

  30. Vamsi says:

    non it students dont need to worry ………
    training is not that hard …
    u need to work longer than it students ……
    no accomadation for parents guys ……
    u will be learning a old programming language called SCHEME …
    dont panic its not that hard …. pretest is for dividing batches so try to get a average score…
    from now i will comment to ur comments on this page only …
    as it is too hard to send each one of u mails ……….
    i will respond as soon as possible ……..
    right now i am in banglore tcs ………….
    so if any one of need anything about bangalore u can post ur queries ……………………. Happy Learning ….

    • pranav says:

      I got select in TCS at 29th sept, 2012, i want to now moere about ilp tranning they provide…is there any pretest before joing to ilp ahmadabad???

  31. balu says:

    Hey nice work yar! Good blog! Shall we select our batch members For EC2 and EC4? Pl reply yar!

  32. vishn says:

    hey im joinin tcs on march 4 d appartments nd d ilp centre r walkable n wat to study for d pretest

  33. vishn says:

    hey im joinin tcs on march 4 d appartments nd d ilp centre r walkable n wat to study for d pretest n d trainin wil b 4 hw many days

  34. Ankur says:

    hey…i had my TCS ilp at ahmedabad….actully i wanted some pics of infocity n all…..but the link u have provided is not working…would really appreciate if u can share the pics..

  35. Naresh says:

    nice blog. you are giving a lot of info which may be very helpful for the freshers.

  36. Navin says:

    that’s very good and detailed blog i have come acrossed.

    Could any of you guys let me know, if TCS ahmedabad is only a training centre or it also contains Development centres.

    please do reply..


  37. tisha says:

    i m a non-it student…. still i think there are another 4 months to wait….. so i completed C,C++ course n now i m doing java n data structure…
    i wanna know is it beneficial?
    or i should do sumthing else which will be beneficial for me in the future…. i m really tensed about my joining bcoz i hav been waiting for so many months.
    u hav done a gr8 work….well done !!!!

  38. shilpa says:

    Hi my training is on 30th sep..we can reach there only on 29th evening..What about accommodation.. Is it limited ?

  39. Arunachalam says:

    is there wi-fi connection available …..

  40. mohana says:

    i have completed in biotechnology.i am placed in tcs .should i learn any courses like c,c++,java…since Im a non IT student,greatly worried about the pre tests. Will dey b so difficult???? can u send me the test questions

    • Vamsi says:

      It will be helpful for your career in IT. pre-test is to divide into batches, so dont worry about it.. any way pre-test will be on general computer knowledge. All the best

  41. gayathri says:

    hi thanks for ur info…im from tamil nadu.. gonna join tcs ahmedabad on 30th sep… i just want to know is it possible to get south indian food…

    • Vamsi says:

      Yes, there is a andhra mess in infocity when we i am there, i heard it has been removed now. but dont worry there will be a andhra mess near by. all the best.

  42. anjali says:

    can we have hot water facility there..??

  43. vipul says:

    TCS mentioned double occupancy…then why 3 people are living in the same room?

  44. rajani says:

    Hi….thanks for ur information……
    I m frm Visakhapatnam,Andhra… MCA pass out…..
    I got 23rd as my DOJ at Ahmedabad….
    I hav a few doubts…..
    1) I didnt go though the tcs materials….is it really needed to study full???
    2) Accomadation provided to the girls is nearer to the ILP centre like walkable or by transport??
    3) And this time we r having 105 days as our training….how will be the training??

    Thanks in advance…..bye….

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi rajani,
      I m frm Anantapur, Andhra…
      1>>I didnt go though the tcs materials….is it really needed to study full???
      Vamsi >> It will be helpful u have alot of time so u can read it.
      2>> Accomadation provided to the girls is nearer to the ILP centre like walkable or by transport??
      Vamsi >> It is walkable it is separate for boys and girls.
      3>>And this time we r having 105 days as our training….how will be the training??
      Vamsi >> Training will be hectic, but u will enjoy it for sure.

  45. rajani says:

    Hi….thanks for ur information……
    I m frm Visakhapatnam,Andhra… MCA pass out…..
    I got 23rd nov as my DOJ at Ahmedabad….
    I hav a few doubts…..
    1) I didnt go though the tcs materials….is it really needed to study full???
    2) Accomadation provided to the girls is nearer to the ILP centre like walkable or by transport??
    3) And this time we r having 105 days as our training….how will be the training??

    Thanks in advance…..bye….

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi rajani,
      I m frm Anantapur, Andhra…
      1>>I didnt go though the tcs materials….is it really needed to study full???
      Vamsi >> It will be helpful u have alot of time so u can read it.
      2>> Accomadation provided to the girls is nearer to the ILP centre like walkable or by transport??
      Vamsi >> It is walkable it is separate for boys and girls.
      3>>And this time we r having 105 days as our training….how will be the training??
      Vamsi >> Training will be hectic, but u will enjoy it for sure.

  46. meena says:

    Nice work friend..actually iam not intrested in programing can v go for any optional other than programming

  47. rajani says:

    ThanQ vamsi……
    one more …. can i opt my frnd for the same room in hostel???

  48. Siva shankari says:

    Hi frnd,

    Really a wonderful work… Got lot of info. frm tis.. thnx alot.. i wud lyk to knw more… pl throw me a light in tis regard..

    1) Whats d distance b/w the Training Centre and Studio Apartments (Walkable?)
    2) Will we have 24X7 accessibility to Computers?? Or vll ve to carry a laptop?
    3) Any idea abt the duration of training??
    4) Food will be provided or vve to manage by ourselves??
    5) Hw abt the cost of living??

    Waiting for your faster response.. thnx alot in advance…

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi siva shankari,

      1>> it is walk able, approximately .7 to 1 km.
      2>> labs in the towers, u can carry ur laptops for personal use, movies and more.
      3>> now it is 105 days i suppose.
      4>> there are canteens in towers, so u need to buy it.
      5>> U wont stay there for long, Ahmedabad is a very good place to live, its cheaper than bangalore,chennai,hyderabad,………

  49. Raju says:

    Hi guys i too selected in TCS….Got Call on Nov 23rd at Ahmedabad….
    Can any1 of u can plz say how the CT Ref will b usefull at ILP…….
    Plz reply….

  50. Bipra says:

    hi this is bipra banerjee from kolkata…..i have got the joining at Ahemdabad on 23rd of november. i hv few quries…….
    1>are laptops allowed ?
    2>Iron is allowed to carry by our own?
    3>how many examinations we have to face?
    ………….plz reply………..

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi bipra,
      1>> Yes, laptops are allowed.
      2>> U can carry it but be carefull btw.
      3>> there is a new pattern in ILP now so it will be different. we have 5 exams.

  51. Sharath says:


    I have a few questions fr u.

    1)Is the decision on assigning ppl to support/development/testing/bpo taken as per the pretest performance or the overall performance in the ILP?

    2)Are ppl with IT background preferred for development?

    3)Although the terms are so commonly used, what do support/development/testing/bpo really mean as far as the employee is concerned. What will he/she be working with when, say, in BPO or Testing?

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi Sharath,

      1>> NO., its pure luck to get a develop / support / testing project, nothing matters there. No MARKS nothing.
      2>> NOPE. nothing like that.
      3>> BPO is not technical support, u will be acting as a customer care service agent. many say it different but this is my opinion. support is technical support, U wont develop code but u will be asked to maintain others code. Development means u user your brains a lot but no money. testing test developers code, kill him if there are bugs, PL will kill you if there are undetected bugs.

      Hope this clarifies

  52. Jaita says:

    Hey vamsi…nice wrk
    gt queries….
    1) can v choose frends as room mates
    2) r grls alotted apartment 2? i hrd 4 ppl share rooms..
    3) cn v enjoy weekends? or do v slog in weekends 2? (sat/sun)
    4) our itp is fr 2 mnths (35 days). after dat r v alotted base centre of our choice?

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi Jaita,
      Thanks for ur compliment.
      about ur queries…
      1>> Yes u can. Just go with ur friends and write ur names in a regiter thats it done. U got ur room. U cant choose room.
      2>> Girls are in different apartment.
      3>> U can enjoy there in ahmedabad. But some times u will need to work on weekends to complete some assignments.
      4>> U will be given to choose 3 locations and u will be sent there randomly. Locations will be given by ILP head.
      Hope this helps.
      Best regards,

  53. Siva shankari says:


    Thnx alot guys, especially Vamsi.. Thank u very much fr ur faster and clear response..

    Note :- Jus nw got cal frm TCS, tat my trainin has been re-scheduled from Nov 23rd to Nov 30th, and not at Ahmedabad, bt at Trivandrum..

    😦 😦 😦


  54. rajani says:

    hi vamsi……..

    i have a few doubts regarding notary and attestation……..

    i) tcs told to hav notary on rs.100 stamp….or two rs.50….
    but i am able to get only rs.20 stamp ……..can i proceed with five rs.20 stamp????

    ii) attestation on photocopy of all docs can be done by the notary person or doctor???

  55. divya says:

    hi vamsi, thankz for ur great job.
    i ‘m placed in tcs(2009 batch).in the nextstep portal,some study materials are given under “pre-engagement phase”.what is this “pre-engagement program”?.should i study those materials(given in “pre-engagement program”) before joining ilp?(im from non it stream).i’m very much worried about the pretest.

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi Divya,

      Dont worry about pre-test, it is not tough just general computer knowledge. i suggest u read those materials, they will be helpful.

      All the best for ur career in TCS.

  56. Avanti says:

    hi….i have to join TCS , Ahmadabad on 30 NOV,09…..
    my queries are—

    1) i have my birth certificate in marathi…is it necessary to get it translated in English?
    Will the birth affidavit in English be enough? Because i am having problems in getting a duplicate birth certificate in English.

    2) can i have 2 days holidays,so that i can give my CAT exam scheduled on 5th Dec,09 in Bhopal?

    thanks in advance……bye

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi Avanti,

      1>>yes. Ur birth certificate needs to be translated t english. U can manage with tcs, they will give some time, to get it changed. Birth affidavit is enough just attest it with some officer.
      2>> U can take sick leave. but needs to get permission from ur head. BTW mentors are friendly they are jailers and u r not prisoners.

      All the best.

  57. Bani Uppal says:


    Hi!! i wud jst say dat it’s a very gud wrk u r doin.. hardly do we find ppl who reply to each query so meticulously.. CHEERS!!

    i asked a person doin training in ilp hyderabad, he said dey did’nt hv a pre ilp test.. n if v r to study, hw mch time ll it tke..

    thnx in advance..

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi Bani,

      Thanks a lot, it is ur responses that are still making me to love this blog. I love this blog a lot. I suffered when i am joining ILP, with so many doubts in mind, so I decided to give a solution. ILP pre test is just 2 hrs may be if u have knowledge on simple computer stuff.

      All the best for ur future in TCS.

  58. Bani Uppal says:

    BTW i got joining at ILP ahmedabad, 0n 30th nov

  59. Avanti says:

    hiiiii….you are doing great work….keep it up!!!!

    i have a doubt abt ilp test…..abt the pattern…is it subjective or objective??

    thanks a lot… advance

  60. Ashish chawla says:

    Hi. This has been very helpful blog.
    I am going to join TCS at ahmedabad on 30 nov. I want to know is it necessary to have same address on ur passport and address which TCS is having.

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi Ashish,
      Thanks a lot.
      NO. It is not necessary tohave same address in passport and with tcs. U need to update ur details in tcs portal as soon as u join. so dont worry, just enjoy ur pre ILP days.
      All the best for your future in TCS

  61. Bani Uppal says:

    Hi Vamsi..
    Thnx a ton!!
    u love dis Blog, n v ppl luv it evn more.. keep up d effort!!

  62. ReenaLincy says:

    Dear Vamsi,
    Thanks for your great job..
    I didn’t get joining date still. i Hope i will get it in December.
    I am not fluent in talking in English. Is there any training for communication skills?

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi Reena,

      Thanks a lot. Enjoy ur days before joining TCS. Hope U wil get joining date soon.
      U will be given some sort of training in communication skills, U will improve as time progress.

  63. ReenaLincy says:

    Thanks Vamsi..
    And my birth certificate is in my mother tongue. Do i need it in English when joining?

  64. rajani says:

    hi vamsi…………
    i m going to join on 23rd nov………
    i had all docs done………
    service agreement need to be printed on rs.100 stamp……..
    i have done that but i have notarised the service agreement also………. it is not mentioned to be notarised…….will it be a problem for me………..
    i m waiting for ur reply……………
    bye vamsi………….

  65. ashir says:

    hi vamsi
    really informative to read your blog.
    i have a few doubts. will be joining tcs on 23rd nov, 2009.
    1. wanted to know which internet usb stick should i buy for my laptop( tata photon/ reliance netconnect broadband) and whose service is better at gandhinagar?
    2. should i buy it from gandinagar or from delhi itself ( my home place)
    3. i havnt studied even a word for the pre test-is it to worry?
    4. what abt geyser facilities there in the studio apartment?


    • Vamsi says:

      Hi Ashir,

      thanks a lot for your appreciation.
      1>> I have used reliance. No problem with signal , u can use any usb stick.
      2>> Any thing works, try to buy it in info city, then u will know the signal and other constraints there.
      3>> No. But ot will help u if u read for pre-test.
      4>> You will have no problem with accomodation, every thing works there.

      All the best.

  66. M H RAO says:

    this is M H RAO from vizag,andhra pradesh.I was recently placed in TCS . can u plz suggest me that how should i have prepare for ILP Program,and what r documents i have keep ready with me while i’m entering in to tcs….
    u can plz send me reply and u r feedback on tcs to my mail

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi M H Rao,
      Congrats. It will bve helpful if u prepare for ilp. Documents u can see my blog for the require documents. Sorry it will be difficult to send mails to everyone , so i update u with my comments.

  67. Dhiraj says:

    you’ve done a great help to all worried tcs freshers…. It will be really helpful if you’ll elaborate more on the pre-test?

    What is needed to study for nonIT people?
    Which questions are asked?
    Is it an objective test?
    What if one fails to score or gets zero score?

    I searched many sites and blogs but didn’t find a more comprehensive detailed information on Pre-test. I noticed that many future TCSers are worried about this thing.. It will lessen our worries if you enlighten us on this…Plz..Plz..Plz…

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi All,

      Please Dont worry about pre-test. It will not affect you in any way.
      Just have some genneral knowledge about computer that is what pre test is.

      1>> general computer stuff,
      2>> questions about computer hardware, compilers, little about any of the language.
      3>> yes
      4>> you will be put in a batch with your score as average.

    • Vamsi says:

      Please dont worry about pre test. I is ur score to divide u into batches. it is just one exam u are going to write, it is not difficult. it requires only simple computer knowledge and problem solving skills.

  68. Shrya says:

    Awesome work done by u.even im worried for my pre-test.Im a Mechanical branch student with no knowledge about any language.If I want to study for pre-test what shall i study?

  69. ASV says:

    hi… ur bolg has handful of info already yet i would love to know if the training schedule is so hectic that one cant think about prepairing foe MBA entrance at those times??? and is there anything like failing in tests during training and getting terminated?
    please do guide…….

  70. snigdha says:

    thanks for ur wonderful and meticulous replies to ur followers….
    reading ur blog has really answered a lot of my querries…
    my ilp joining is on 18th january 2010 in ahmdabad…
    hope u continue 2 guide d young n doubtful minds…
    do tell me where u r presently located …

  71. Kaushik says:

    Hey i’m in TCS training @ Bhubaneswar. EC-1 on 14 Jan. can ny1 help me abt EC-1. Is there ny sample questions of EC-1??

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi Kaushik,

      EC-1, You will be asked to write a program, stick to the question don’t miss any thing, dont write any think extra. Score well in EC-1 you will score high in other exams, remember this. All the best.

  72. shrya says:

    thanx a ton

  73. Manish says:

    Hi Vamsi,

    U r really doin a great job by helping others..
    can u please tell the current climate condition of gandhinagar..
    do we need 2 carry warm cloths with us..
    Also if possible please mention few name n contact details of hotels where our parent can stay for 1-2 days..

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi Manish,

      Gandhinagars climate is extreme, carry your winter wear. There are some hotels near railway station, no near by hotels at infocity. All the best.

  74. Rahul says:

    i just wanted 2 know that
    1. can we share room wid our frnds or will we be batched randomly for room sharing .
    2. is there laundry facility av
    3. are there attached toilet/bathrooms or shared ones ?
    4. wot abt food facility ?

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi Rahul,
      1 >> Rooms will be given as first come first serve basis, if u go with ur friends w may probably share a single room.
      2 >> Yep, laundry will be available.
      3 >> Attached ones
      4 >> Many canteens/ restaurants will be available.

      Dont worry much about ur stay there, it will be good.

  75. Kshitij says:

    Thanxx a ton..Vamsi…

    Keep up the gud work..

    I’ll b joining TCS ahmedabad on 27th Jan.

  76. Ishwarya says:

    hi i am going to join tcs on feb 8th, 2010 at trivandrum. My doubt is that is a notary public a gazetted officer? I got all copies attested by him. will tcs accept it?

    Thanks in advance

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi Ishwarya,

      All the Best, Tcs will accept it is attested by a gazetted officer. Dont worry TCS will not trouble u much

      • shiva says:

        hai vamsi..i put ahmedabad as one of my preference post ilp. but later i am worried about it. will there be onsite opportunities in tcs ahmedabad? is what i have done appreciable?

  77. sandhya bhujbal says:

    hi vamsi,
    plz can u tell m how can i join tcs

    • Vamsi says:

      Hi Sandhya,
      If you are experienced right now every week there are walkins, If u r a fresher it may be difficult for u if it is not on-campus, But it is not difficult to get IN. I wish all the best.
      Note: Contacts are the best way to get a job in any company at any time

  78. Lakshna says:

    Hi vamsi,
    I really find ur blog as very informative. Thanks a lot for all ur informations………..
    Do u have any idea about when TCS will call the Easwari Engg college chennai NonCS students?

  79. sreeky says:

    hey author .
    i have got my stream training in bangalore , did my ILP phase 1 in coimbatore . all went well back there . i got .net as my stream .

    i would be very happy if u can lemme know anything about tcs bangalore , anythin at all
    seems lik electronic city will be our office

  80. anand sager says:

    he he he he he

  81. Muthu krish.. says:

    Hi grt wrk…

    Hope u r doin well..
    I’m Muthu krishnan..i’m takin on ilp @ ahmedabad on 29 th march…could u plz send me sample docs of service aggrement,surety and notary docs to my mail…i’m facin quite a few diff in gettin them abt u hav any materials or any link..i would be helpful i u do send me any material or link on pretest…how wil the trainin ..easy??..i do hav scjp cartificate and djvt certificate from niit will it help me out to chose my domain???

    Thanx in advance..


  82. siva says:

    plz vamsi can u tell wat is d exact duration for 1st phase of oour training….i got doj in 29th march 1010

  83. siva says:

    hi vamsi,can u tell d exact training period for us now…..plz…i got doj as 29th march,2010.

    then a brief note bout pre-test….

  84. Lakshna says:

    Hi vamsi,

    At last i got my date of joining…… it is on 22nd march, place Trivandrum…….. thanks for all ur info………..

  85. Soham says:

    HI Vamsi, I am about to join TCS ILP centre Gandhinagar on the 29th of March. I would like to know about the recreational facilities nearby, particularly malls and multiplexes.

  86. Rahman says:

    Please note that there is a hotel in Infocity by name Grand Sahara Inn which is fully air-conditioned. They charge about Rs.900+ Tax for a single person. If there are two or three persons, the tariff is much lower and advantageous.

    Mr. Raj and other staff are courteous. Service is good. It is a good hotel.

  87. Chitra says:

    i have finished my ilp phase 1 training from trivandrum. i have my stream training at reporting date is april 8th. i have got my stream as java/j2ee. I have heard that there are many tcs branches in bangalore.Can u pls tell me in which branch i will be having my java/j2ee stream training?Can u suggest some places of accomodation at bangalore?

  88. shraddha says:

    hi buddy…..
    am in banglore ….. gng thru my ilp phase-1…..
    TCS banglore is our base branch…..
    so probly our stream training branch is also d same….
    v hav our EC1 widin few days….
    any suggestions ….

  89. ankur saini says:

    hi vamsi..

    i hvn’t got my offer letter till now.. i want to know that wat sort of preparation i need to do b4 my joining.. plz tell the subjects which i need 2 revise n study.. n do provide some samples of questions of evaluation tests. plz help.. thanks

  90. Megha says:

    hi Vamsi,
    firstly, ur site site is extremely informative and i really thank u for making this place 🙂
    i got placed last month and have no joining in sight as of now.. i just wanted to knw..
    1. where all r the tcs training centres? and is it true tht i being from north may get training in northern zone?
    2. i am food buff and i just wanted to know if there is a kitchen in the appartments? 😀

  91. kapil khurana says:

    hi vamsi,i m kapil from mumbai
    recently i got job in tcs through campus recruitment held in our col on 14jan 2010…….
    can u pls tell me adout my joining date ,,,,and ilp center???????

  92. smitha says:

    hi … i joined TCS on 24th march. i want to know if their is anyother batch joining after march 24 th. please tell me about their joining place… and their status. i mean when is their stream training commencing.. please …

  93. smitha says:

    please let me knw abt it…..

  94. avinash says:

    hi vamsi
    ur blog is very gud for freshers like us who r gonna join TCS…we r very glad to get all our doubts clear from u……i havent got joining yet but i think we r gonna go to ahmedabad so i just wanna know…u said training is hectic…wht do u mean by tht?

  95. HARSHAL says:

    I got placed in tcs in Dec 09,
    but no joining date received yet,
    I read something bout pre-ILP test,
    Is it the test before ILP starts ??????
    Will we be having test on the first day of training itself ????
    if yes ??
    which topics it covers ???
    Being an Elx engg, We were taught only ‘C’ and nothing more in software, So what preparations I need to do ??
    Will TCS provide study material via mail (as you have mentioned something like that)

    That’s it.
    n lastly T.H.A.N.K.S 🙂

  96. pratiksha says:

    hey i m recruited for itis profile from mumbai. they told that trainin is in coimbatore but i dont know anything abt the profile and package can u let me know please

  97. Saurabh Kumar says:

    Cud u plzz elaborate on d study material for d Pretest……………nd can’t we just revise our C and C++ concepts??

  98. Kashmira says:

    I will be joining tcs this august. Can anyone please let me know what is the pre engagement program?? Thanks in advance.

  99. Pallav says:

    Thanks You Mr. Vamsi
    Your info about TCS Ahmedabad will be much help for me.
    Mine Joining is on 26th July,2010 Ahmedabad.

  100. Pallav says:

    Is it Compulsory to complete NSR process before starting of ILP…………….

  101. kejal says:

    hey vamsi….ure blog is supercool….ive also got infocity ,gandhinagar as my training centre…can u let me knw..bout how r u placed after ure trainin…do dey consider ure requests if ure a girl…like gettin ure hometown …or something…n wats wid de pre-test is it objective or subjective..

  102. Mamtha says:


    I have got ILP training at Ahm from Aug 9, 2010.
    Should we make any Rs 50000 DD for service agreement??

    Plz help

  103. niranjan says:

    im from chennai…..can u tell wat is the duration of the ilp……after successful completion of ilp can we take leave? or they wil provide vacation before entering the stream based learning…..

  104. kumar says:

    hi vamsi,

    During ILP will it be neccessary to have a laptop?

  105. nitha says:

    m 4m NIST.
    do u ve any idea, when tcs is goin 2 call NIST????????????
    pls reply

  106. nitesh agarwal says:

    a smal doubt reagrding address proof..
    al my documents are on my old address n evn d passport i applied hs d old address on it,
    n dt hv ny proof f new address(electricity bill dsnt v house no on it),can v submit affidavit as an address proof?

  107. Rohit says:

    Hi Vamsi,
    First of all I would like to say that you are doing a very good work by solving the queries of joinees.
    I got placed in TCS lst week, waiting for offer letter. I have not received any mail from TCS as yet. Should I contact them or can you please tell me in how many days after selection process do they communicate with you. Also can you tell me what all modules do they teach during training like C C++ Java, please tell it with duration….

  108. kandarp says:

    hey,,,i got selected in TCS.
    just got the confirmation mail..
    can anybody please tell me when approximately i will get joining letter and where i can be placed for training??

    i am an EC student..
    which kind of training do they provide?
    i heard that training period is bit difficult,,true??

  109. shishir says:

    i got selected in tcs…i had work experiance of 8 months…in my appointment letter it is given that i have undergo training at trivendrum for 15 weeks…is dis training similar to ilp or training for experianced ppl is diifferent?????????plz help me regarding dis.thanks in advance Mr.Vamsi

  110. VMK RAHMAN says:


    This centre is situation in a cool and calm place in the Infocity at Gandhi Nagar. There are neither traffic problems nor pollution troubles.

    It is one of the best training centres of TCS in India. Those who will have the opportunity to get training here will be happy and get good training. Staff and faculty members of this centre are courteous and well behaved. They teach trainees well and make them work hard to learn more and more. TCS hostels are also good providing all necessary facilities to the trainees. Food, tea and fruit juice served in the training centre and at the restaurant in the ground floor near the hostel are tasty and available at reasonable prices.

    The TCS training centre is just about 10 minutes walk from the hostel. There is no need to go by van or bus. Trainees just walk happily talking with one another to the training centre.

    Of course those interested in non vegetarian foods can make use of the restaurants such as Dawat in the Infocity just 5 minutes walk from the hostel. There are also good both South Indian and North Indian vegetarian restraurants in the Infocity. A Coffee Day restraurant is also there.

    There are also SBI and HDFC ATM centres.

    A good Air-conditioned Grand Sahara Inn hotel is near the hostel where parents who accompany their sons or daughters can stay there and check out time is 24 hours. A spacious A/C room is available for a single person at Rs.900/- per day. The tariff is Rs.1200/- for two persons and Rs.1500/- for three persons if I remember correct. Yes, these charges are changeable at any time. It is a good hotel with well behaved staff and workers. They also give discount to the parents/guardians of the TCS trainees.

    The TCS training centre is about 35 kms. from the Ahmedabadi railway station. You can bargain and go to the TCS training centre by paying about Rs.170/- after your arrival at the Ahmedabad railway station. Three persons can sit in an auto and share it. Auto drivers know this place well and will take you to the centre without any difficulty. They charge almost the same from Airport to the TCS training centre.

    We wish the TCS trainees all the best.

  111. Shraddha says:

    is it compulsory to stay in the accommodation provided by company??

  112. Mani says:

    The above information by Rahman is useful

  113. puneet says:

    hiii Vamsi…
    could u plz tell me that i have to buy a laptop for ilp or i can manage without a laptop ?
    and what about phase 2 training, i m a ECE student…..should i go for some type of preparation…..?
    plz reply…..

  114. prasanth says:

    now also this blog is active?

  115. jyoti says:

    hello ms. vamsi, ur blog is really very informative… thanx 4 ur support.
    i am going to join tcs on 25th oct , 2010 at ahmedabad. My doubt is that is a notary public a gazetted officer? I got all copies attested by him. will tcs accept it? n do we need to read all d MIT materials thoroughly…coz they seem to b somewht difficult… do me n my frnds need to reach there @ same time if we want to share d same room? m not carrying laptop can i study at office itself? hw far it is?

    Thanks in advance

  116. SUMIT VERMA says:

    HI EVEYONE , i got my joining date as 29 DECEMBER in AHMEDABAD , so i just wanted to knw the weather over there in DECMBER – MARCH and wat kind of clothes should i carry ????
    any help would be really appreciated . . . .

  117. Sidhant Parhi says:

    Hi Vamsi

    grt job bro & thnx….

    My ILP dt is on 13th Dec,2010 at Ahmedabad….so
    1)How’ll be the accomadation?
    2)How’ll be the training…will it be raelly hectic?
    3)can I coose my place of joining?
    4)And plz plz plz give ne tips to score good marks during ILP’

    waiting 4 ur reply bro……….

  118. Sambit says:

    Thanx for UR nice replies.
    My DOJ is on 16th Dec @ Ahmedabad.

    1.As I’m a non_IT(ECE) student, how can I prepare myself for the ILP?

    2.From where I can get the materials for the Pre-test & related tests?

    3.I’ve applied for my Passport but haven’t received yet.
    Is there any strict verification for Passport at the time of joining?

    PLS reply me regarding this…

  119. Chaitanya says:

    i got d joinin lettr…n goin TCS, ahmedabad at 12th dec…as our doj is 16th….n we wer said dat dey ll not provide accomodation …can ne 1 plzz tel me can we get ne pg houses near by infocity….waitin 4 ne 1 reply…plzz

  120. rashmi singh says:

    hey u r helping us a lot .thanx buddy …plz tell me the pre- ILP test is objective or subjective……what type of question r there ………should i learn C OR JAVA ….plz reply

  121. ravi says:

    please can you explain what is there in pretest and what is taught in training and is there any test after completing the training

  122. SP says:

    I m joining tcs on dec 13 at ahmedabad..
    I just wanted 2 kno abt the hostel facilities.. n whethr the girls n boys accomodation is separate or not?..

  123. vijay says:


    Is it necessary to have blood relation with surety or any other person who knows me can be a surety?

  124. puneet singhal says:

    thaks a lot Vamsi…Really a gr888888888888888888888 work.Thanks a ton. I m joinin on 17 jan at ahmdabad only …ineed 2 acquire details abt pre test..U told that its basic computer knowledge can u please elaborate…please please its a request…if we got 2 know 2 to 3 Qs of how d paper is paper is it vl help a lot…thaks in advance .wating 4 ur reply

  125. Kunal says:

    Great job dude!!!
    How long will the trainng period be for cs/it students

  126. Kunal says:

    Do you have any idea which city are we placed in once we complete the training? do we have a say in the location or is it decided by them?

  127. Arijit says:


    Can u be more specific about the exams they take.May be what are the topics.and how important is the exam.where from they ask questions……thats all.

    thank you

  128. pravin says:

    what is actual salary during ilp training ……………

  129. mayura kulkarni says:

    hi vamsi
    my doj is 7 th march 2011 at ahmedabad.
    Plz tell me that which process is followed there for accomdation,is frist come frist serve.,so if it is 7 th march when should we reach there for getting proper rooms.

  130. Ravikiran says:

    How to choose Preference form for locations after ILP ,
    Will TCS provide to choose between among three location , or we hav right to give our three preferrence.

  131. meenakshi says:

    is passport necessary 4 joinng??? or can v submi it later

  132. Ravikiran says:

    plz tell me abt tests in ILP?
    Also in which language we hav to solve the problem in tests!!!

  133. mahi says:

    hiii vamsi……

    Thanks a lot for all ur informations………..

    my joining is on feb 7th……
    i dont have my birth certificate……
    i had on-availability of birth certificate having dob place and name is it enough…….

  134. mahi says:

    hiii vamsi……

    Thanks a lot for all ur informations………..

    my joining is on feb 7th……
    i dont have my birth certificate……
    i had non-availability of birth certificate having dob place and name is it enough…….

  135. Nandkishor says:

    Hi, I don’t have any knowledge of languages as I m from Ele & Comm & no touch with that as of now. Will it go hectic for me in ILP?

  136. NITISH PANCHI says:


    me also get ilp centre ahmedabad,, me have some doubts,, so please help me regarding this,,, check out me in facebook,, with

  137. Dushyant says:

    Hey thanks for all the information and you have done a gr8 job with all your responses. Just wanted to know if the “Nal Saroval” Learning center is nearer to the the Ahmedabad Railway station or Gandhinagar Railway station?

  138. Sahil Gupte says:

    Hi is the blog for engineering grads or MBAs?
    I have done my MBA and will join TCS IN june ….isthe information in the blog applicable to MBA trainees? I hope they dont send in ot of material to study 🙂

  139. joshi says:

    what is dat base branch? any1 pls rply

  140. kratika from indore (M.P) says:

    I m from indore…….
    and doing BE from It branch…
    now I m in 3rd year and I want to do industrial training from TCS Ahmadabad..
    I have knowledge about dot net and oracle and C,C++…
    I want to do TRAINING IN ORACLE…
    can there is any possibility for me ???
    Just wanted to know am I eligible for TCS training??

  141. Kratika Jain says:

    I m from indore…….
    and doing BE from It branch…
    now I m in 3rd year and I want to do industrial training from TCS Ahmadabad..
    I have knowledge about dot net and oracle and C,C++…
    I want to do TRAINING IN ORACLE…
    can there is any possibility for me ???
    Just wanted to know am I eligible for TCS training??

  142. Kratika Jain says:

    hi vamsi
    plzzz clear all my doubts???

    I m from indore…….
    and doing BE from It branch…
    now I m in 3rd year and I want to do industrial training from TCS Ahmadabad..
    I have knowledge about dot net and oracle and C,C++…
    I want to do TRAINING IN ORACLE…
    can there is any possibility for me ???
    Just wanted to know am I eligible for TCS training??

  143. Kratika Jain says:

    you’ve done a great help to all worried tcs freshers…. It will be really helpful if you’ll elaborate more on the pre-test?

    What is needed to study for IT people?
    Which questions are asked?
    Is it an objective test?
    What if one fails to score or gets zero score?

    I searched many sites and blogs but didn’t find a more comprehensive detailed information on Pre-test. I noticed that many future TCSers are worried about this thing.. It will lessen our worries if you enlighten us on this…Plz..Plz..Plz…

  144. Anshuman Srivastava says:

    i really like this page, it contains lot of infomation about ILP. I hv got joining date on 17th october 2011.I am Btech Biotech student. Can u tell me are there ny projects relating to life science or bioinformatics?

  145. geetha says:

    hi…may i know wat r the programs they are conducting regarding communication

  146. ipshita says:

    hello…i m ipshita..going to join tcs chennai very soon..i am really worried about the test conducted on 2nd day of ilp..can u give a brief review about the pattern of the test..n wat it consists of??

  147. soubhagya says:

    hi.. i have heard that infocity has water problem . is it true ?? pls give me some info about that. Is there a particular time 4 availability of water ???

  148. sivaraj says:

    bro whether there is any elimination in training

  149. swati says:

    hiii vamsi….thanx for ur help….
    i got my joing @ahmedabad 16 jan 2011 and my name in my tcs portl is km. swati but in my passport and pan crad its swati… it a mttr of problem..??? i m really worried abt it ….pls pls pls help me abt it…
    pls pls…

  150. Arpita says:

    I got t joinng 2012 wna 2 ask .hwz traning going ? Is it too tough ? Hwz pretest iz happnd? Im a it studnt.

    • Harshal says:

      hey arpita.. dis is harshal..i also got selected in TCS…training will b frm next september 2011… luck fr frnds just had training…they share their ecperience…..if u want it i’l email u ..

  151. bhagyesh mandal says:

    i am going to join on 31st October.

    my question is regarding taking leave. My brother’s marriage is in April and i want 2 weeks leave so is it possible ???

    and if not then how many maximum days i can go on leave??

  152. RAJ says:

    hi i am RAJ
    we wont b given accomodation as they have written in JL.
    i read that u said its on first come first serve basis.. bt its written in our JL dat we wont b provided accomodation…
    and ya give me some information regarding notarising and all..
    wat is d process of 2 phases ??
    thanks in advance

  153. sawan saxena says:

    hi… m frm jaipur. i got my training at ilp ahemdabad on 17th oct. can u tell me wat is d critaria of giving joining place. is it depends upon pretest performance or sumthing else??

  154. Live in posh area, where D-Mart is 0.5 km, Sales India 0.5 km, Axis Bank 0.5 km, SBI 0.5 km, City Gold Multiplex 1 km, Motera Stadium 1 km, Javed Habib Beauty Parlor 0.5 km, Bank Of India 0.5 km

    Contact : 9426577023

    Accommodation only for girls

  155. Setiaji says:

    tell me d most important question,l gals b allowed in our rooms/flats or not……… plz reply……

  156. jatinhumbal says:

    i am selected in tcs…which subjects should i learn before my joining…i am from i.t. branch and ri8 now in my final year of college….

  157. bharavi says:

    wat is the salary given during training period?


    hi apart from documents what do we need to carry for accommodation
    let me put it explicitly- do we need to bring mattress or bathroom accessories like bucket with us
    I am joining TCS gandhinagar on 22nd dec-2011
    hope to get an answer soon…….if anyone apart from the blogger has an answer to my question then he/she also can answer

  159. gagan says:

    plzzzz replyyy

    wt is the criteria of training for ece guys???do we need to learn java ,.NET??/

  160. Harish says:

    my native is Bangalore and I got Ilp@ahmedabad on Feb 2012.

    I have few queries to ask here,
    1. I m expecting Bangalore after ilp. do I get the same as it is my local preference.?

    2. Wt will be the job profile, or technology for the cs guys .

  161. Anoop says:

    Apprx. how much time does it take to get joining letter from our recruitment

  162. Abhishek Mishra says:

    sir i want to know about the performance tests that TCS organises during ILP session… I have graduated in EC and going to join within few months ..I have heard that during ILP session electronics students face a lot of problems. I have also heard that there would be few performance tests at the regular interval. The tests are difficult or very easy or somewhat like moderate level…?.

  163. JAYDEEP says:

    I m from Gandhinagar…….
    and doing BE from I.T. branch…
    now I m in 3rd year 6TH SEM and I want to do industrial training from TCS Ahmadabad..
    I have knowledge about and C,C++,JAVA,.NET
    I want to do TRAINING IN JAVA
    can there is any possibility for me ???
    Just wanted to know am I eligible for TCS training??

  164. Rahul Khandelwal says:

    hi sir..
    It is really a very helpful and eye – opener blog.
    Still, I have few doubts , can u plz address few of them.
    1) I have been told, there is no accommodation facility given by TCS.
    2) if not, then where are the nearest residential areas ?

    Rahul Khandelwal
    MBA – Marketing
    Role – Business Analyst
    Joining Date – Not confirmed
    Recruited through campus placement.

  165. kamali says:

    did v have to pay 50,000 to quit our job in tcs at the period of ilp training as in the agreement says are not need to pay the amount to quit.

  166. sai says:

    hi frnds should my father ca be a surety if he is a daily wage earner…..plz give reply as early as possible

    thanx in advance frnds……………………

  167. Hi,
    I got joining letter from tcs at guwahati..
    how is that place and training over there. pls help . im confused.

  168. mani says:

    if i want to resign d job during ilp tht means in d frst three months, is tht essential to pay d bond amount? cant v get our original certificates without payin d bond amount?

  169. Anshika jha says:

    my joinin is on 27th june ahmedabad.
    1) my parents will be cumin with me,so is thr any facility for them for accomodation.and if not can yu plz tell me the nearest plac whr they cud stay.
    2) how many daz prior to my joinin will i be getting my accomodation.
    3)how long the trainin period will be
    4)is that we will get our posting also at the same place evn if our choice is othr.
    5)most imp bhaiya what salary will we be geting?

  170. mani says:

    thanks fr ur response.
    one more smal doubt, after submittting my orginal documents on frst day, when will they return our original certificates?

  171. shashwat mittra says:

    hey i got my joining date on 24th Sep,2012 at ILP Ahmedabad. Even i hope to collect a lot of memories in future at this place.

  172. abcd says:

    hi… i hv to join tcs at ahmedabad in september… i wanted to kno abt the weather…

  173. Pallavi Gaur says:


  174. vishal says:


    My surety holds a valid passport and works in a MNC.

    My question is if i prefer to attach an attested photocopy of surety’s passport with service agreement, what other relevant docs need to be attached with service agreement?

    do i still need to provide salary proof ( IT returns proof),pan card’s xerox of my surety?

    whether passport ‘s photocopy attested by a Gazetted officer will work or it has to be attested by Surety’s emloyer?


  175. shekhar says:

    can u tell dat…late arrival at ilp location will be considered or not?

  176. umair says:

    I have studied java for the past 2 yrs, though i have the certificate on java from the ORACLE WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (which i guess is of no use)but i do not have any certification(OCJP/SCJP) until now….my ilp will be commencing on 24 of December of this year. I have a huge affection for java and i do not want to work in any other Stream (.Net for instance). What if i’ll be given .Net as the stream….i’m really scared of thinking ’bout that…please help..wat should i do inorder to get java. I have just 2 months or so left.

  177. suresh says:

    Any info regarding female accomodation, and south indian meals near TCS-Kolkatta

  178. I read this piece of writing completely about the resemblance of latest and preceding technologies,
    it’s awesome article.

  179. selvi says:

    hi I got Joining Letter dated 04th February 2013 at Hyderabad.I am having some doubts regarding documents preparation for ILP.

    My doubts are:
    I notarized the Service Agreement is there any problem with that.
    We have to take Medical certificate in Color printout or normal print is enough.
    I got Medical certificate from the doctor before one month of DOJ of ILP is there any problem with it
    My Land deed copy is in Tamil is any problem with that copy, but I have Land valuation certificate in English
    Please reply as soon as possible waiting for your reply

  180. gaurav says:

    sir i have a little problm to speak countineously in english. Is this affect my ilp? Pls rply

  181. discounts says:

    Hi it’s me, I am also visiting this web page daily, this site is truly fastidious and the users are really sharing nice thoughts.

  182. Sanjiv Sahu says:

    i am a frsher cost accountant got selected in campus for the post of assistant system analayst, i just want to know what kind of preparation is required academically n non academically before joining ilp,dat m gonna join from 3rd june,2013. please advise me soon.

  183. gaurav says:

    I m a btech student
    i m going for major training in tcs ahmedabad , can u plz tell me abt the work taught to us in .net??

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